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Calling every week this is the 10th time. Told me couple time i will still get my number i want to get call back press blaah blaah no one haven't called me back. That's what happened today Customer service girl answers my call told me can you please hold for a second. Guess how long is their second? 1 hour 36 minutes. Got tired of listening their *** music and had to hang up. Don't buy lorex product it is waste of money and time. Because it... Read more

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Purchased the LNR380 system with 4 LNB2153B cameras in December 2014. Called today to purchase a replacement camera for one that died. They no longer make the original camera (LNB2153B) that came with the system and they do not make anything that is compatible as a replacement. Their answer is to buy a complete new system from them or try to find a camera online from ebay or any of their retail re-sellers such as Home Depot or Walmart. After... Read more

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Bought wireless cameras with monitor almost a year ago. Equipment worked fine until recently when the monitor failed. Shipped it back and received by them over two weeks ago. No word from them on status. Calling customer service always requires them to call back because of "longer than normal" wait times. Not sure were they are located but i have never talked to anyone in customer service whose first, or possibly second, language was... Read more

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Ive had the worst experience with Lorex customer service and tech support, or should i say the lack of service. Ive called Lorex over 15 times in a two week period, i have never got thru to get some questions answered. But if you call the sales department they immediately answer, but don't ask them about tech support or customer service cause the only answer you get is "that's a different department and we know nothing and have no interaction... Read more

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I've been in hold for over an hour. I call everyday trying to get through but I can't wait on hold forever!!

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Ha! Well isn't this something. I have been trying to contact Lorex customer support service for about 2 weeks now. And NO ANSWER!!! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I had the slightest idea to Instead of selecting their technical support option I selected the SALES option and WALLAH!!! someone answers me. And me as an angry customer and finally listening to a human voice went Completely off about their customer support. Long story short the... Read more

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I read Lorex reviews before I bought the LW2751 system so the problems I am having with the system and "tech support" are my fault. I have many problems with the Lorex SD Pro app for iPhone. Two-way audio only one-way (receives). Alert video recordings are delayed one hour making them useless to me. Alerts are intermittent. Tech support couldn't resolve the problems. Off shore accent. Sounded like reading from a script. Kept telling me to reload... Read more

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I had explained in emials and on a different ticket that I would be leaving the home that the camera and DVR had been installed in and that I would be gone for a prolonged period of time. By the time the camera had been delivered to the house (per tracking), I had already been gone for several days. It had taken you more than a month to send out the camera(per email)....not only that, I had asked for two cameras to be sent. Now, it appears... Read more

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I have been trying to reach a HUMAN VOICE at Lorex Technology since the middle of July. I paid $1,000 for a LNR11800 8 camera system and I have a question about storage. I have tried their online chat, which is always offline, I have sent emails, I have called every phone number I can find. The automated voice says the waiting time is 30 minutes or you can leave call back number. I have left call back number 14 times and today I have been on... Read more

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Absolutely worst customer service on the planet!!!!! Have called 6 times for service and no one has called back!!! Finally got an email that they would call but no one ever did???? This is the service department from *** !!!!!! Been on the phone on hold for hours and hours! Is this a real company or a scam!!! Sorry I never read the reviews!!! Am reporting them to Better Business Bureau and USA Attorney General Plan on demanding they stop doing... Read more

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