Lorex Audio Video Receiver Replacement Reviews

I have had to replace 6 bad cameras, 7 bad cables and the DVR itself all at my own expense, having an electrician come out on 5 occasions. Lorex won't even allow me to lemon law the system, nor are they shipping my replacement parts without billing my card first to ensure they get the inoperable junk parts back. Every time I call in to support, it takes a minimal hour to an hour and a half to even get someone on the phone. Every time I go to...
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Lorex was kind enough to allow a "grace period" for a free replacment. But then they fell down on the job. I returned my broken unit and a month later I still haven't received my replacement. I called to follow up and they say they have a tracking number but cannot get it because "their system is uploading" ....whatever that means. Something stinks here. Another "lean" operation, running with no actual employees, but rather stand-ins from...
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I liked
  • Allowed for slight out of warranty failure
I didn't like
  • Failure to provide timely return