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Update by user Dec 20, 2017

Dec 20 (20+ minutes later) If the disconnection was by accident why not call me back? Lorex has my phone number.

Update by user Dec 20, 2017

DEC 20 (writing this one while I am on the phone with Lorex)7:00 am pst came and went, it is now 9:00 am pst. No phone call from Lorex and I am calling in to see what happened.

On hold for 10 min…talking to Karen. Karen tells me that they do not schedule calls. All they can do is request. She is now spending a lot of time looking over and now they are busy with the black Friday deals.

I have having to explain everything again and they are explaining the site crasher deals. She is telling me that I need level 2 sales and she does not want to do anything. I am being told about the black Friday deals, how the “site crasher deals work” and that level 2 is calling people regarding this. Hard to believe that I started calling Lorex on November 20 and I still have not received a call back.

All she can say is “I do not know what to do” when I ask to transfer to someone who can and all I can get “I do not know what to do”. I am asking what are my options. Here is what I am told: Option 1 is to put on hold try to transfer, Option 2 is call back later, Option 3 is wait for a call back. Karen even confirmed my phone number and e-mail.

I asked to be transferred and request a call back. Spent 26+ minutes with Karen. Now on hold…. (Yes, just a minute ago she stated she could not do that.) On hold for 22 and now talking to sonny from tier 2 sales.

All he can say is what is the model number Now I am having to explaining myself and asked Sonny to review my tickets and calls.

He looked up by my phone number and Hello.....Hello? Now I am disconnected.

Update by user Dec 19, 2017

Please disregard the following comment from the last post Thank you for your business and the confidence you have in me! May you spend this holiday season,With love, peace and joy.Joyful holiday wishes to you. I was on hold so long I was work on other things and this comment slipped in.

Update by user Dec 19, 2017

Thank you for your business and the confidence you have in me! May you spend this holiday season,With love, peace and joy.Joyful holiday wishes to you.Dec 19 (writing this one while I am on the phone with Lorex)Called support / Sales. ON hold for 3 .5 minutes.

I gave the operator my two ticket numbers I had. Took him 5 minutes to read the ticket and stated he was going to transfer to someone who can help me. On hold again with distorted hold music ...... on hold (2nd time) for over 15 minutes, debating whether to hang up......

Now on hold for over 20 minutes, thinking that I was put on hold and that Lorex is hoping that I would hang up. FYI, hold music is awful. At the 30-minute mark of hold I am wondering what is going on. After 40 minutes someone picked up the phone and hung up.

It went off hold and the click as if they hung up on me. Called back. On hold for 5:44 and now Kevin on the line…. After 6 minutes of reading he states that he can price match.

Now he is asking for my order number, I told him that Lorex system was having issues and now he is telling me about the site crasher deals. I had to explain everything again and now I am on hold with that awful music again. 8 minutes later he came back. Needs a tier 2 supervisor.

He scheduled a time for me to talk to them for tomorrow at 7:00 am pst.

I verified that they have my contact number. I am expecting a call in the morning.

Update by user Dec 13, 2017

Dec 13 Just received an e-mail regarding the Dec 05 ticket. Here it is: "We haven't heard from you in 5 days concerning your request for support.

If you still need assistance, please contact us; if we do not hear from you in the next 48 hours we will go ahead and close the ticket." I have been trying to get in touch with them. The ticket is for them to call me.

Update by user Dec 13, 2017

I have also sent corporate, customer service, support and other department this link along with other links hoping to get a response.I am still waiting for a call back or response from management or someone at Lorex.

Update by user Dec 13, 2017

Dec 13 Chatted with Lorex today and asked about the follow up that was promised on Dec 05 (call withing an hour and ticket stating call within 48 hours). No one has an interested in customer service.

All I get is an explanation on how the "site crasher" works. Lorex totally missed the point of my call and did not know how to take an order, answer questions on their system. All they know is how the Site Crasher works. I was interested in buying two systems and our neighborhood watch is also interested in purchasing systems as well.

We are now looking elsewhere. Take your business some where you can get service.

Update by user Dec 08, 2017

I chatted with someone on Tuesday morning, 9:30 am, and was assured that someone would call me back. In fact this person even gave me a ticket # and an e-mail.

In the e-mail there was was this: "I write to you this email confirmation in order to give you the Ticket # 66xxxx and to remind you that you will be contacted on the next 24 to 48 hours."Well it is now Friday and I have not heard back.I contacted Lorex again today and they saw the ticket and told me that they will send the ticket to tech support.They kept explaining the dynamic on purchasing the deals.My issue is customer service and how I am being treated and they state they only have a few units.

No one seems to understand and can place the order. All they do is argue with me and tell me how the black Friday deals work.

Original review posted by user Nov 29, 2017

They advertise a "Site Crasher Deal" and you wait for the countdown and you are unable to purchase the item. This happened to me for all three of their deals.

I was logged in, waited for the countdown to reach "0" (zero) and immediately purchased, within 2 seconds I was in the final stage of check out and it would not let me order it. There was only one item in the cart. I then tried this in a different browser and the same issue. I called support again to find out what is going on, at first they told me their site is having issues and when I asked what they can do they state that they are sold out and there is nothing I can do.

Customer support was the worst ever. The could not do a thing, not even transfer me to a manger. They took my name and number and said that the manager would call me back as soon as he got of the phone. The rep would not give me his name and when I asked for a time, all he said is that he is on the phone with another customer and it would not be long.

That was week ago. No call back at all. I figured I should take advantage of the "Black Friday" deals they had with the additional 25%. I was going to purchase a 4K sercurity system and when I added that to the and the code did not work.

Also I now have 26 (yes twenty six) of the "Site Crasher Deal" in my cart and I cannot remove them. This time it does show "out of stock". The strange thing is that I originally ordered one and it allowed me all the way to the last step of check out, now 26??? What is going on here?

Another wasted call to Lorex. All they can state is that they are out of stock. They stated again that their website is having problems and there was nothing they can do. If I wanted the deal for the camera system I was trying to order, I would need to order it on-line.

Please keep in mind that the order is still in my cart, I tried two different browsers, cleared the cache, tried two other computers and my phone. The 26 is still there and I cannot remove it from my cart. All in all I feel that Lorex does not want to support their customers and when I call in, they do not listen to what I am saying and cannot help at all and give me unrelated answers.

Why are they answering the phones? I am expecting two calls from management / supervisors that will never happen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lorex Site Crasher Deal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service and issues with website..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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It is interesting how no one calls back. I have sent emails and when I call on the phone, they always state that someone would get back to me right away and when I asked what that means, it is "within an hour". Which hour are they referring to.

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