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To all Flir supervisors, managers ,department heads, department's respsible for procedure and policy, I spent a couple weeks thinking this over and decided to make this as short as , leaving out many items , I made my first purchase of your camera systems November 2015 since then I purchased eight sets, i've had one 9 inch monitor ,7 inch monitor , 1 camera and several batteries go bad, each time it took a month or over to complete the return, making several calls sending emails to achieve this. I got to the point where when something went bad I ,didn't want to , I didn't have the strength to fight with you people,but this last time took the cake, after spending 45 minutes with your tech , he got the OK for the return and he said someone is going to be calling you call , I waited a week just to test them out no calls as , I got a hold of the customer service she says that I can't get the 9 inch I got to get the 7 inch I purchased a 9 inch, we don't have one and we can't give you an upgrade so we're going to give you a , I went speechless when she said that to me and she says it doesn't come with a battery back up , I said what about the cameras are they going to work on the 7 , she says I don't know, so I wrote a letter to a customer representative that help me in the past told her the story and she returned the email with a new ticket number, I called the number gave the lady the new numbers she's says all we got a 7 inch , I said wait a minute I just was online on your site and it shows a 9 inch for sale and with the words just in , it got me nowhere, now this is what I have to say to you , when people buy your Camera Systems they're doing it for security and when the camera or a monitor goes bad and they call you up and tell you it's not working and after you've done all your checking ,your to get that camera out that day sent by next day air, not taking a month and after five phone calls and aggravation, I want nothing from you not even a response because I've dealt with enough with you people that I know it's all *** so good luck to you Sent from my iP

Product or Service Mentioned: Lorex Security System.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I bought a Lorex MODEL No. - LH030400 in July 2015 and had approximately 3 months of problem-free performance from it.

From that point on, I have logged over 20 hours on the phone with Lorex tech people, customer service people & sales people- trying to get the friggin unit working. It would work for a couple of weeks , then stop. As we bought this unit for home security for our 2nd home in Florida- the purpose was to remotely monitor over the internet. It did not work over the internet and we basically got 'hosed'.

More than a couple of tech folks told us 'Don't worry about the warranty running out , as your meter isn't running when the unit isn't working' Well, that is a damn lie, because when we were finally told to replace the unit by one of the tech was out of warranty and there is nothing Lorex will do. They actually wanted to sell us a new unit !! Imagine that ??? I would tell anyone who is thinking about buying a camera system for their home to stay clear of Lorex.

They make junk , they don't support it and then they screw people.

Their short-sighted business model will implode as surely as all other shyster companies that have preceded them have. TWO THUMBS down for Lorex !!


Loren has the worst customers service I have ever dealt with. I bought a security system from them and the DVR lasted less then 2 years the cooling fan melted onto the circuit board.

I then I bought another DVR from them and after 8 months it would reboot itself about 6 times a day. Then the fan started making loud noises that I had to turn it off. I called Lorex and they told me that I could send it back and wait or pay them $150.00 and they would send one out right away and when they got my old unit they would reimburse me. Well I chose not to give them $150.00 as I did not trust them.

I had called them three times and got totally different answers. I sent my unit back UPS and It took 1 week to get there they received it on a Friday May 19th I called them the following Thursday May 25th to see when they were going to ship out my unit. The lady told me that they did not receive it until Tuesday May 23rd which was a lie I have the tracking number that said that they received it on Friday May 19th. She then proceeds to tell me that they observe May 22nd as a holiday as it is Victoria Day (Canadian holiday) because the main office is in Canada and the call center is in the Philippines.

She said it would take 3 days to process the order after the they receive it. So now it has been 2 weeks without my DVR and they still have not shipped it and since Monday May 29th is the US holiday (Memorial Day) it will be delayed another day. I will be be surprised if I get it by next week since they ship it out by horse and buggy. When people buy security cameras it is to protect their house how can that happen when the system breaks after 8 months .

I hope people read this review and hopefully it will change their mind about buying these security cameras. They are a piece of junk and their customer service is the worse I have ever dealt with

to Jill Brumbaugh Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States #1341009

I purchased a lorex series LHV2000 about 1 year ago, installed it last summer and it seems to have gone bad, as no video feed shows on my monitor apart from the boxes showing Lorex logo. i noticed my system started frequently rebooting.

I got to this site trying to find a solution, i have tried rebooting several times, hitting the factory default botton, no resolution. Now I am worried with all the negative comments i am reading about Lorex support, i wished i had seen all the comments before purchasing this product. I am scared of the bad customer support report here. i wish i had the wireless product so i can easily pack it all up and take it back to the store where i bought it for a full refund, but cant do that as i have cables running through the wall and the cams all up on the roof.

what should i do? wish me luck!!!!!!

Lorex Verified Representative

Hi there -- I am sorry for your negative experiences. We want to offer quality customer service, and this is unacceptable.

I would like to take care of your case, and escalate it. Are you able to e-mail and I can find out more of your details? Again, we apologize for your experience but want to work with you to resolve it.

Thank you for your feedback, as well. I will be sure to share this with our team.

to Lorex-Technology Lake Forest, California, United States #1320251

I an a person deciding on purchasing. A servilance system.

I. Am looking at options other than LoreX because there is so many simular negative reviews on LoreX. It is illegal to replace a product index warranty with a lower product.

You can easily be subject to a class action lawsuit for this practice. Then goodby to LoreX

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