I purchased a 4 camera Lorex system last July, had to replace one camera within 3 months went round and round with some person who was reading off a list of things to try and rectify the situation after 30 minutes they decided to replace the camera it took 3 weeks to...
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I liked
  • Wireless
I didn't like
  • Poor replacement of products
LorexEcoStratus is the very worst company we have ever dealt with. After receiving a faulty home security system and requesting it to be replaced they have made us continuously go through tech support over and over again and the problem is never resolved they made us...
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Lorex - They sold me a $500 paperweight
I purchased an 8 channel unit from BJ's some time ago but was unable financially to have it installed. I finally unboxed it in hopes to finally have it installed, but before doing that I thought I should test it. Good thing I did because it would not even boot straight...
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Worst product and company. Cameras would not get on the internet. We shut it down for 24 hours. Tried to get it on the internet again. Was advised by the company to get a screw driver out and open up the hard drive. We just spent $500.00 on this system. We are not...
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On or about April 15 I ordered a DV804 system from Lorex. About 10 days later I received a system that would not bring up video on any of 3 devices. April 22 I call cust. Support and spent 1:45 min trying to cure the problem unsuccessfully. It was decided there must be...
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Newberry, South Carolina
I already had 3-4 mo's of DEPLORABLE service. So much so, I told them I was done with them. A few weeks later I was contacted by William M., represented himself as the retention manager, which turned out to be ONLY one of. William's first email and first phone...
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I didn't like
  • Retention manager
  • Honesty
  • Scruples

Lorex - Wasn't pissed

Love your product was trying to reach tec support
I do security camera installation for my clients in Arizona. In the past 4 years I have been buying them from Lorex. They're a Canadian company, the cameras are ok, easy to set up, I do like it at first but when it broke I called tech support and doing some trouble...
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I liked
  • Cameras
I didn't like
  • Delivery
  • Warranty policy
  • Tech support

Lorex - Setup system

User name and password is not accepted by lorex it's a system that i bought on Ebay
We came from the Arlo wireless system where the hardware sucked but the software/app was great. We wanted more reliability with the hardware but I wasn't expecting the software to be so bad. I guess it'll take some getting used to since we've invested labor to install...
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