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CUSTOMER NIGHTMARE. THE LOREX COMPANY "Flir Imaging" Security Cameras Background: Reference: Order ID: L617983 for product LX445WW.

Purchase date October 2, 2017 Lorex 4-camera system, in sale for $212.49 Receipt received acknowledging the order was received on the day of purchase (Oct 2, 2017) Here's how it begins: On the 4th of October I receive a memo from Lorex that my camera would be delayed, it read: QUOTE "Dear Norman, This message is regarding your recent order #L617983 with LOREX. This is a notice that components of your order are currently on backorder. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience as we work on streamlining our operations. At Lorex, we try our best to ensure our shipments are processed in a timely and organized manner.

A secondary tracking number will be sent to you once the remainder of your shipment has been fulfilled. We are working with our partners to complete your order as soon as possible. Estimated time to ship this order: 10 business days. The back order will ship on Oct 18, 2017.

How to Cancel my order L617983? There are no cancellation fees. You can cancel your order anytime before we ship it out. Login to the Lorex website and Cancel the order, or just call us at 1.888.425.6739 option 1.

Our office hours are between 8:30 am - 7:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this order, please do not hesitate to contact Sales department. UNQUOTE" I waited and during the delay began to change my security planning needs. I decided to cancel the order.

THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING. I cancelled the order on-line on October 16. (Lorex acknowledged receipt of the request to cancel. A "ticket" was issued number 610971) I immediately sent a request on line to determine if THE ORDER WAS ACTUALLY CANCELLED) nothing was heard from Lorex.

I knew that my request to cancel was sent, but I did not know the status of my order. I went on line during the week and found that my order was still active, even after requesting Lorex to cancel it. Hoping that repetition sometimes draws the attention I CANCELLED THE ORDER AGAIN on October 22 (Got the same run-around that I got earlier. Lorex gave my request ticket number 617839) again no acknowledgment of cancellation, just an acknowledgement that I sent in the request.

I tried repeatedly (during this time to contact them by phone and by internet). Interestingly, the "tickets" that were issued (see picture) when on Oct 16 and 22nd were shown on the website. Apparently they were never acted on. On the 24th I was sent shipping information and a tracking number.

Hoping to draw some attention, on the 25th of October, I cancelled the order A THIRD TIME. (see the image from Lorex's website) It shows three times I tried to cancel this order BEFORE IT WAS SHIPPED. On October 24, I was notified that the item was ready for shipment. To their email message, I replied: DO NOT SHIP THIS ITEM...

THIS ORDER HAS BEEN CANCELLED. IF THE PRODUCT IS RECEIVED, IT WILL BE CONSIDERED UNSOLICITED, ABANDONED, OR REFUSED. I immediately alerted VISA Billing Disputes and they told me that nothing could be done until the package is received and gave me the VISA Billing Disputes phone number to call when the package arrives. Now here's where it gets even more interesting.

. . Monday, Oct 30. I Received the package via UPS.

A 12-lb carton all nicely wrapped. Called VISA on 31st hoping they might help, but VISA has no power of the merchant's banking and cannot stop a payment before a shipment is made. Furthermore, VISA will not begin a dispute for fraudulent practices until the product is returned to the shipper. Bottom line, once I ship it back, I am still out $212 and waiting on their good graces to refund the money.

Let me restate this so I understand, I order a product that isn't shipped in a timely manner so I cancel the order, but the seller doesn't cancel the order, but ships anyway and debits my VISA. I feel abandoned (in a consumer kind of way).l I went to Lorex's website for instructions about returns. I'm looking at their return website and it appears to be pretty complete. Oct 31, I received a mailing label for the Lorex box.

The instructions on the label say, "Note: This is not a prepaid shipping label. Shipping arrangements (as well as the cost of shipping) are the responsibility of the customer. COD deliveries will be refused. Please ensure that all return-approved items are arrive to us in the original condition which they were received.

Incomplete or inaccurate returns may result in a processing delay of your refund." I'm suppose to send it back at my expense. That's right, I have to pay for a mistake that Lorex made! I'm pretty sure that if I ship the carton will end up somewhere and that a refund may never be credited back to my VISA Card. Nov 2, went to UPS store...

closed. Nov 3, Went back to UPS Store. Price to return package: $74.33 (ground)! Surprised and rather unbelieving, I went to the Post Office.

Their price $59.33. Now the reality hits me. I have $212 worth of merchandise in a package that will cost me at least $60 to return. The Lorex people say I've got to pay.

If I figure that returning the item would increase the price I have paid so far, I could say that I'm out $212 + $60 or $272 for the camera system. (remember that I still have no guarantee that this company will refund even the cost of the cameras, much less the shipping to return the item.) But, here's the legal question: There is ample proof on the Lorex website that I requested this order cancelled on three occasions well in advance of the shipping date. They did not act on the cancelation and shipped, and debited my VISA card after telling them three times to cancel the order. Why then are shipping costs to return the item my responsibility?

Lorex made the mistake and failed to cancel after being advised to do so 3 times. Their mistake, they should pay to have it returned. Actually, many good and ethical companies in the past have sent me self addressed/prepaid shipping for products that must be returned because of defect or failure. In this case, Lorex shipped after being told NOT TO.

It's not about the product (it still sits here in the original box), it's about the SERVICE. I get tired of fighting for the simple courtesys we used to extend when shopping face to face. I get tired of fighting companies and nameless corporations over the internet. At least writing a paper letter gave a sense of connection, but the internet is ghost where non-people exist.

So, when do I give up? I keep telling myself that it does no good to get angry with some $1.70/hour telephone rep in a foreign country. Maybe it's because I spent more than 20 years in the military, 8 years teaching school, and 35 years pastoring churches that "service" means service. I know something about service!

There's an old saying that "if your company is too large to serve its customers, it's too large." So now the need for the wisdom of solomon. Do I swallow anger and spite and use the cameras or should I fight this thing throughout the winter?

With life so short and health (for this 72-year old VETERAN) so precious and fragile, I think I'll use the camera system and hope, every time I see one the Lorex cameras on the wall, that I don't peak my blood pressure. Lord, please help me if the cameras don't work...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $212.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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After reading that I'll never do business with lorex .... I know what this company is and would rather pay more and deal with a reputable company instead

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