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Update by user Feb 18, 2016

I am updating my review based on the following: I received a phone call from Jenny at Lorex regarding my experience. Unfortunately, I was not available and the call went to my voice mail.

She then followed up the missed call with an email, proving that Lorex was concerned about my experience. We discussed the Customer Service problems and she assured me that Lorex was working towards a resolution, and as a courtesy and apology for the problems I experienced she was sending two HD cameras to complete my eight-camera system.

The cameras have been received, and my new HD system is working perfectly. I was not asked to update this review…..I decided that it was the right thing to do, as I am now a satisfied customer.

Original review posted by user Feb 05, 2016

I can only surmise that this company exists because consumers, like myself, do not believe warnings from previous customers. Even after researching online, and experiencing problems placing an order, I ignored all the warning signs and pressed on because I really needed to replace a failed security system. If you read no further, please note there are currently 57 complaints about Lorex at “”. The Canadian BBB in Ontario, Canada lists 123 complaints, and gives Lorex an “F” rating. Lorex does not meet BBB accreditation standards in the U.S., but still has 15 complaints that Lorex has not responded to.

Now, for my “Tale of Woe”. The following are unbiased facts that apply to two separate orders for Lorex products (did I mention that I was an *** for even placing one order)…….a DVR, and a complete HD system.

THE GOOD: The Lorex HD system is very clear, and will outperform any analog system….if you receive functioning equipment. The setup for both Apple and Windows-based remote viewing could not be easier. Tech Support is excellent and located in the states, with knowledgeable English-speaking technicians.

THE BAD: Online ticketing system (for problems, return authorizations, etc) is non-functioning and a waste of time…..Lorex simply does not respond. Once you reach a real person within the Lorex hierarchy, they have no authority to resolve a problem… must always be referred to someone else. For example, if Tech Support determines a part is bad, they cannot complete the action for a replacement or refund….it must always be referred to someone else. Likewise, Customer Support issues must always be referred to someone else in their chain, which creates endless wait times on the phone, dropped calls, etc.

THE UGLY (this should be entitled “The Really Ugly”): There are not enough negative words in the English vocabulary to describe Lorex Customer Service… clearly sets the standard for being the worst you will ever experience. First, contacting someone is only the beginning…..long, long waits on hold with irritating (loud) music. If you leave a call back number, you may receive a call….within hours, within days, or maybe not at all. Unless you are sitting waiting for the call, you most likely will not be near the equipment, or paperwork, that you need to reference for your call. You will be connected to a Call Center in the Philippines where you may, or may not, talk with someone who can communicate in English. They will listen, promise to follow-up your problem, or elevate it to a Manager…..and nothing ever happens. If they are pressed, you will be told they are not authorized at their level to complete your request, and it must be elevated to someone of higher authority. At first I thought it was just incompetence, but then I realized the whole system is probably cleverly designed to frustrate a customer to the point that they will just give up and go away.

The following is my experience trying to get a refund for a DVR that was DOA: Received DVR on 11/24/15….would not power on. Contacted Tech Support same day and was advised to complete online ticket to request RMA… response for 14 days. Called Customer Service and requested return instructions. DVR shipped via Fedex ($22)….received by Lorex on12/15/15. After waiting a month for refund to be posted, called Customer Service and was promised that someone at a higher level would contact me within five days…..didn’t happen. Another week passes, and I call Customer Service again…..promised that it would be elevated, and reopened the online ticket that someone at Lorex had closed. Another couple of days pass with no response from Lorex. Frustrated, I contact Lorex sales via their online chat and advised the representative of the problem I was having. I was told that they only handle sales, and that I should contact Customer Service. I requested contact information for my lawyer to contact their legal office….conversation immediately changed to the positive and the representative promised that someone from Lorex would contact me within the next 48 hrs…..didn’t happen. At this point, I’ve had it, and file a Merchant Dispute with my credit card. Amazingly, five days later my refund was credited to my account……two frustrating months after receiving a defective DVR that I had to pay to ship back to Lorex.

I have complete documentation to support all of my statements. You have been warned…..proceed at your own peril!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with quality of working products and stated that there is a room for improvement of terrible customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of lorex security system. Lorex needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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